Values/Attitudes/Beliefs - 
Assertion of Parental Authority

By completing the information below, you will send an email to your school leadership/student’s teacher in assertion of your parental rights.  Please see the text below to confirm your agreement with the statements herein. 

Date and Parent Digital Signature

This notification shall be placed in my child’s permanent file and be provided to all people offering instruction to my child during the school year.

Dear     _________________________________________,


It has come to my attention that many entities within public education and the community at large, are pushing an agenda into schools that diminishes the relationship between parent and child, disparages faith-based beliefs and practices, abolishes liberty and personal responsibility, and silences the free exercise of individual conscience.  As such, we assert our rights under the first amendment to the United States Constitution.


Therefore, please be informed that:


  1. “Under both the United States Constitution and the constitution of the state of Utah, a parent possesses a fundamental liberty interest in the care, custody, and management of the parents’ children” (Utah Code § 62A-4a-201).
  2. The state of Utah recognizes that parents have the “right, obligation, responsibility, and authority to raise, manage, train, educate, provide and care for, and reasonably discipline their children(Utah Code § 62A-4a-201) and “supports parents through a responsive educational system that guarantees local school communities autonomy, flexibility, and client choice” (Utah Code § 53E-2-301-3).
  • In the implementation of “all policies, programs, and responsibilities, the Utah Legislature, the state school board, local school boards, and charter school governing boards” are required to “respect, protect, and further the interests of parents in their children’s public education(Utah Code § 53E-2-201-2(a)). Furthermore “political, atheistic, sectarian, religious, or denominational doctrine may not be taught in the public schools except as provided in Section 53G-10-202(Utah Code § 53G-10-402).
  1. The Utah Legislature envisions an educated citizenry that “encompasses foundational principles including strong moral and social values, and loyalty and commitment to constitutional government” (Utah Code § 53E-2-301).


As a parent of a minor child or children in this school, please be advised that:

My child/children will not participate in any activities, receive literature, read textbooks or literary works, view videos, attend assemblies, take assessments, or participate in any activities that explore, educate, display, or further the missions of the LGBTQ+/PRIDE campaigns, and the like.  Furthermore, my child shall not be engaged in any activity where he/she will be forced to identify personal pronouns, explore “government/preferred names” or disclose his/her sexual preference.

I, _____________________________, as parent and/or legal guardian of  ______________________________________, minor child(ren), hereby exercise my right under the U.S. Constitution  and the Constitution and laws of the State of Utah, to direct the upbringing and  education of my minor child(ren), and hereby place school administrators on notice of the following: 

  1. I DO NOT CONSENT to my child’s participation in any instruction or discussion on human sexuality which is derived in whole or in part from; contains information from; or references to the following sources:
  2. National Sexuality Education Standards
  3. Future of Sex Education (FoSE) Initiative
  4. Sex, Etc.
  5. Advocates for Youth
  6. Answer
  7. SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S.)
  8. Planned Parenthood
  9. The Kinsey Institute
  10. GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network)
  11. Gay Straight Alliance
  12. PRIDE, “Welcoming Schools,” or LGBTQ+
  13. CASEL
  14. Any likeminded or auxiliary organizations


  1. I DO NOT CONSENT to my child being given instruction or information on, or being subjected to discussion of any aspect of human sexuality, including the following:
  2. Abortion;
  3. Birth Control/Contraceptives;
  4. Sexual activity of any kind whatsoever, including, but not limited to, vaginal, oral or anal sex;
  5. Sexual orientation, including, but not limited to any variant of homosexuality, including but not limited to, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, or questioning identities;
  6. Transgenderism or gender identity, including, but not limited to, gender as social construct; gender binary; gender spectrum; gender reassignment surgery, gender dysphoria, false gender pronouns, gender expression, or cross-sex hormones; 
  7. Any written material of; reference to; or referral to an outside agency, group, individual or organization relating to sexuality (including, but not limited to those listed in Section 1). 
  8. Any reference to or participation in a personal analysis, evaluation or survey that reveals or attempts to affect my child’s attitudes, habits, traits, opinions, beliefs or feelings concerning:
    1. political affiliations;
    2. religious beliefs or practices;
    3. mental or psychological conditions;
    4. sexual behavior or attitudes;
    5. sexual activity;
    6. sexual orientation;
    7. gender identity; or
    8. illegal, antisocial, self-incriminating or demeaning behavior;
  9. Any additional instruction and discussion, including but not limited to: classroom teachers, school staff, third-party providers, YouTube or other videos, films, livestreaming, other audio visual methods, textbooks, workbooks, or handout material, including any entity listed under Section I or any topic listed under Section II.
  10. I am requesting alternative academic instruction for my child during the same period that any instruction on any aspect of human sexuality is provided.
  • I DO NOT CONSENT to my child being referred to a counselor, medical professional, social worker, or other medical or mental health advisor within or outside the school for purposes of discussing sexuality, any of the topics listed herein or any topic unrelated to academic performance.
  1. I DO NOT CONSENT to my child participating in any group, organization, club, entity or activity that discusses or addresses sexual activity, sexual orientation or gender identity, under the guise of “bullying,” “diversity,” “inclusion,” or other rationale. I do not consent to my child’s participation in any extracurricular activity without my prior written permission.
    1. I request that my child be given alternative instruction during the time that these materials and subjects are being presented.

I hereby request that this notification be placed in my child’s permanent file and be provided to all people offering instruction to my child during the school year. Any engagement contrary to this notice will be the subject of further action to protect my child. 


Furthermore, any literature, curriculum materials, assemblies, guest speakers, other media or communication made available from or through political /advocacy groups — especially those associated with LGBTQ+, PRIDE, or “Welcoming Schools,” should not be used in the public-school environment. (e.g. Black Lives Matter Inc., The 1619 Project, Comprehensive Sexuality Education, etc…)


In accordance with the parameters stated in Utah law, none of the below topics are to be addressed in the curriculum of children in the state of Utah without written parental consent (Utah Code § 53E-9-203).

  • “political philosophies;…
  • sexual behavior, orientation, or attitudes;
  • illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating, or demeaning behavior;
  • critical appraisals of individuals with whom the student or family member has close family relationships;
  • religious affiliations or beliefs;…”


Educators are required to “comply with all federal, state, and local laws” (R277-217-3) which includes the following prohibited conduct (R277-217-2-23) “exclude a student from participating in any program, deny or grant any benefit to a student, or encourage a student to develop a prejudice on the basis of: (a) race; (b) color; (c) creed; (d} sex; (e) national origin; (D marital status; (g) political or religious belief; (h) physical or mental condition; (i) family, social, or cultural background; U) sexual orientation; or (k) gender identification;” LEA’s are required to report violations to the UPPAC (R277-217-5).



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